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Taurean Young

Writing Consultant

"Fearlessly be yourself"

Meet Taurean Young, a distinguished member of the Cleveland 13 News Advisory Board, bringing a wealth of experience as a versatile writer and writing consultant. With a remarkable career spanning local to global productions, Taurean has left his imprint on a diverse range of projects, from small scripts to major motion pictures.

Taurean's journey in the world of writing is characterized by a passion for life and people. His commitment to storytelling, evident in his diverse portfolio, reflects not only his skill but also his understanding of the power of narrative to connect and inspire.

As a writing consultant, Taurean's expertise extends beyond the written word, offering valuable insights and guidance to elevate productions to new heights. His contributions to both local and global endeavors highlight his adaptability and his ability to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry.

Beyond his professional achievements, Taurean is known for his qualities as a wise and loyal friend. His presence on the Cleveland 13 News Advisory Board adds a unique perspective, combining his artistic sensibilities with a genuine commitment to the community.

In his role on the Advisory Board, Taurean brings not only his writing prowess but also a deep understanding of the impact media can have on shaping narratives and fostering connections within the community. His wisdom and loyalty make him an invaluable asset to the Advisory Board, contributing to the collective effort to enhance the media landscape in Cleveland.

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