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Honoring Loved Ones with Affordable Dignity

In moments of loss, we understand that you have many decisions to make, and the last thing you need is added stress from the costs associated with publishing an online obituary. At Cleveland 13 News, we're here to offer you a compassionate and budget-friendly solution. We believe that remembering and celebrating a loved one's life should not come at an exorbitant price. That's why we're proud to offer our online obituary service, designed to make this difficult process a little easier on you.

Affordable Pricing, Unmatched Value

While other local platforms may charge anywhere from $99 to over $500 for online obituaries, we're committed to keeping it simple and affordable. At Cleveland 13 News, the cost of publishing an online obituary is just $49, with absolutely no hidden fees or additional charges. Your loved one's memory deserves to be celebrated without financial burdens, and we're here to ensure that.

No Limitations, No Extra Charges

We believe that expressing your feelings and memories should have no restrictions. That's why our obituaries can be as lengthy as you wish, without incurring extra costs based on word count, characters, or 'lines.' Additionally, we welcome you to include a photo of your loved one at no additional charge – in fact, we encourage it, as a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Personalization and Sharing

At Cleveland 13 News, we understand the importance of preserving your loved one's memory in a way that reflects their unique personality and story. You have the freedom to customize the URL for your online obituary, making it easier to share with friends, family, and colleagues. Your loved one's memory deserves to be easily accessible and remembered by all.

We understand that the passing of a loved one is a challenging and emotional experience. At Cleveland 13 News, we are deeply sorry for your loss, and we are honored that you're considering us as a place to forever host a piece of their memory online. Rest assured, our commitment to affordability, customization, and enduring memory preservation is unwavering. In this time of grief, we are here to offer you the support and dignity that your loved one deserves.

Accessible and Enduring

Once published, your online obituary on Cleveland 13 News will remain available indefinitely. It can be accessed by anyone with a computer or mobile phone, ensuring that your loved one's memory lives on. Moreover, our obituaries are optimized for online search engines, making it simpler for others to find and pay their respects, even if they don't know where to look.

A Place for Condolences and Details

Our obituaries feature a comment section, where loved ones can leave their thoughts, wishes, and condolences, offering support during these challenging times. Furthermore, details such as flower arrangements or reception locations can be updated after publication without altering the custom URL you've chosen.

Simplified Submission Process

We've made submitting an obituary to Cleveland 13 News easy and accessible. Whether you're on a computer or mobile device, our online submission form guides you through the process. You can provide as much information as you'd like, and if you need assistance with crafting the obituary, our team is here to help at no extra cost. We're dedicated to honoring your loved one's memory with a beautiful tribute that captures their essence.

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