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Cleveland Heights High School Teacher in the Running For America's Favorite Teacher

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH - Leatrice Clark, a dedicated science teacher from Cleveland Heights High School, steps into the spotlight in Colossal's first-ever America’s Favorite Teacher competition. With the grand finale scheduled for May 30, 2024, Clark is amongst thousands of educators nationwide striving for the coveted title, along with a grand prize package worth approximately $55,000, courtesy of and DTCare, a nationally registered public charity supporting Teach for America.

Leatrice Clark, Science Teacher at Cleveland Heights High School

At the center of this unique competition is a vibrant online platform where the public is invited to participate actively in crowning America’s Favorite Teacher. With stages meticulously designed to foster community engagement, the contest aims not just to celebrate but to elevate the profession of teaching. The grand prize offers more than just recognition—it’s a comprehensive package including a $25,000 honorarium, a coveted feature in Reader's Digest, and a dream vacation to Hawaii. This reward is meant to reflect the profound appreciation for the grand prize winner's dedication to education, granting them the honor of being named "America’s Favorite Teacher."

Behind the scenes, Anne-Marie Pritchett, Senior Editor & PR Manager at Colossal, pours her passion into the project, seeing it as a fusion of her love for philanthropy and education. “Seeing the impact that the money we raise has on the charities and then sharing it with the world... that’s kind of my mission in life is to bring positivity into the world,” she says. Her enthusiasm is contagious and speaks to the broader mission of Colossal, which, through events like America’s Favorite Teacher, has managed to funnel over $28 million to various charities last year alone.


Leatrice Clark stands as a shining example of what this competition seeks to honor. With 34 years of teaching experience, Clark’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that education can transform lives. “I am a great teacher because I work hard to educate, encourage, and inspire everyone that I come in contact with,” Clark shares. Her approach to teaching goes beyond textbooks; it’s about nurturing hearts and minds, making the world better one student at a time.

Clark's influence resonates through the experiences shared by her peers and the lasting impressions she's left on her students. "She loves her students and always goes above and beyond the call of duty," says Gary Love, a retired colleague who admires Clark for more than her teaching prowess. Describing her as "a great teacher and even better person and friend," Love's words underscore the depth of Clark's dedication to nurturing not only her students' intellect but also their overall well-being. This sentiment is reinforced by the voices of former students, who recount moments of awe and discovery that transcend traditional classroom learning, attributing to Clark a profound ability to ignite a passion for knowledge that endures for a lifetime. One former student recalls, "She is easily my favorite teacher. She was kind, patient, and approachable. Teachers probably learn from her just as much as students."

The competition, while celebrating individual educators like Clark, also stands as a testament to the collective effort to support educational initiatives, with Teach for America benefiting from the event.

“We are thrilled with how many local teachers are being acknowledged across the country...they’re getting the attention they deserve.” Anne-Marie of Colossal said as she gave tribute to the exceptional dedication of educators and their significant, yet frequently overlooked, contributions to our lives and communities.



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