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From Dollhouses to Waterworks: The Children's Museum of Cleveland

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

MIDTOWN CLEVELAND - Gremi recently took a trip to the Children's Museum of Cleveland with Hattie Kotz, the Director of Marketing and Development for the CMC. Gremi, who has been bringing his own children to this wonderful museum since they reopened in their new location inside a historic Cleveland mansion, couldn't wait to share his experience with the world.

The museum has come a long way since its establishment in 1981 by a coalition of parents, educators, and civic leaders. The Children’s Museum of Cleveland (CMC) opened its first physical location in 1986 and later moved to its former facility on Euclid Avenue in the city’s University Circle cultural center. However, due to the lease not being renewed, CMC purchased the historic Stager-Beckwith mansion in the Midtown neighborhood of Cleveland in December 2014, which has become the Museum's first permanent home.

After three years of construction and planning, the Museum opened its doors in Fall 2017, and Gremi was there to capture the excitement. With over 200,000 visitors every year, CMC is the only Museum in the region dedicated exclusively to early childhood education. CMC has also quadrupled the number of guests served through its Museum for All program each year, providing increased accessibility for underserved families.

Gremi and Hattie explored the fully equipped performance and sound stage, water and bubble exhibits, and the 3-and-under play areas. The museum even has amazing dollhouses donated by the renowned dollhouse maker/collector and Clevelander, Cathy Lincoln.

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is not only a place for play and fun, but it's also a vital community resource. It offers a range of free and reduced admissions programs, sponsored field trips, activity kits, and more to make its resources more accessible for low-income families across the community.

CMC recognizes its role as an early childhood educational leader in the community and its responsibility to contribute to a kinder and more just future for all. The museum has worked with local leadership at Cleveland State University's Diversity Institute to develop resources to support families in engaging in conversations about diversity, racial equity and racism.

So, if you're looking for a place to unleash the child within you, the Children’s Museum of Cleveland is the perfect destination to explore with your kids and grandkids.

With its innovative exhibits and programs designed for children birth to age 8, it is a valued resource for caregivers, families, and community institutions that serve young children; and, as Gremi showed us, it's also a whole lot of fun! So come and explore this amazing place in person or on social media and experience the wonder for yourself.


Special Thanks to Hattie Kotz (The Children's Museum of Cleveland), and Blair Clark (Audio/Visual Tech)



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