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Terminal Tower Celebrates 93 Years of Gracing Cleveland's Skyline

Cleveland's Terminal Tower celebrates 93 years since opening it's doors

CLEVELAND, OH - On this momentous day in 1930, the magnificent Terminal Tower proudly opened its doors to the public, marking a new era in Cleveland's architectural landscape. Today, June 29, 2023, we celebrate the tower's 93rd birthday, paying tribute to its enduring presence and iconic stature that has captivated generations of Clevelanders.

Standing majestically on Public Square, the Terminal Tower has become an emblem of the city, a symbol of strength, resilience, and progress. At the time of its completion, the Terminal Tower was the second tallest building in the world; second only to the Empire State Building in New York City at the time. Its soaring height of 708 feet was a testament to Cleveland's ambitions and determination.

Originally designed as a terminal for multiple railroad lines, the Terminal Tower integrated various transportation modes under one roof. It was a bustling hub of activity, connecting travelers to destinations far and wide.

Over the years, Terminal Tower has witnessed countless milestones, evolving alongside Cleveland's growth and transformation. As the city's second tallest building, this architectural masterpiece has not only provided a striking silhouette on the skyline but has also played a vital role in the daily lives of Clevelanders.

To commemorate this special occasion, the Terminal Tower will come alive with its famous light shows at 10 pm, showcasing its dazzling display of colors and patterns.

Although the Canadian wildfires have cast a haze over the city, obscuring the night sky, the tower's radiant lights will cut through the mist, a beacon of celebration shining bright.

As the Terminal Tower celebrates its 93rd birthday, let us pause and reflect on the indelible mark it has left on Cleveland's skyline and collective consciousness. Beyond its architectural significance, this towering structure stands as a testament to the city's enduring spirit, resilience, and vibrant history.

So, join us tonight at 10 pm to witness the Terminal Tower's mesmerizing light show, showcasing the beauty and splendor that has enchanted Clevelanders for nearly a century. Together, let us honor and celebrate this iconic landmark that has stood tall and proud, guiding our way through the past, present, and future.

Happy 93rd birthday, Terminal Tower!


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