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At WCTU we believe in promoting the highest standards of journalism and empowering talented professionals in the media industry. A badge marking a contributor, program, network, station or individual as an Affiliate or Affiliate Contributor serves as a trusted seal of quality and credibility for reporters, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and other content creators. Through a rigorous peer-review process, work evaluation, quality assessment, and background verification, we ensure that our Affiliates and Affiliate Contributors uphold the values of ethical reporting and deliver exceptional content to our community.


Are you passionate about sharing your expertise or content with a wider audience? Consider joining us as an Affiliate Contributor at WCTU Cleveland 13 News.

An Affiliate Contributor is a valued partner who collaborates with our network to provide engaging content, insights, or resources to our diverse online community. Whether you have a unique perspective, subject matter expertise, or creative content to share, you can enrich our content offerings.

Why team up with WCTU Cleveland 13 News?

  • Exposure: Expand your reach and connect with our diverse viewership.

  • Collaboration: Be part of a dynamic content ecosystem and engage with our passionate audience.

  • Support: Benefit from our platform's resources and promotional efforts.

  • Opportunity: Share your expertise and creativity while exploring exciting content opportunities.

How to Get Started:

  1. Apply: Complete our straightforward application to tell us more about your background, experience, and collaboration interests.

  2. Submit Samples: Provide samples of your work, whether it's articles, videos, or other content.

  3. Engage: Collaborate with us to create compelling content that resonates with our audience.


What makes an Affiliate Contributor better than a Guest Contributor?

While one option is not necessarily better than the other, one has a bit more access to benefits and resources than the other. Guest Contributors occasionally contribute content, and it goes through a review process on a piece-by-piece basis prior to their contributions being published. For some contributors, this is just fine. However, Affiliate Contributors get vetted and reviewed once per year and don't have to wait though a review period to have their work published, in fact some Affiliate Contributors are able to publish directly on Cleveland 13 News platforms. Some of the other benefits afforded to Affiliate Contributors include:

Branded Email.jpg
Branded Email: Affiliates will have the option of claiming a free WCTU email address and email signature for their name and/or segment

Forum Access: Access to private WCTU Affiliate online forums to collaborate and discuss with other local pros and WCTU Affiliates.

Profile on Site:

Online Bio on WCTU site,  with backlinks to your content and private links to all content released on Cleveland 13 News Platforms.

Training/Workshops: Access to specialized training sessions, workshops, and webinars on journalism, content creation, and media ethics to help contributors enhance their skills.


Access to networking events or meetups where Affiliates can connect with other professionals in the field, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing.

Edit Support.jpg

Press Credentials:

Official branded press credentials, granting access to events, press conferences, and interviews, enhancing reporting capabilities.

Access to Resources:

Access to research tools, databases, and/or softwares that can assist in reporting and content creation.

Editorial Support:

Access to an experienced editorial team that can assist with refining content and ensuring its accuracy and quality.


Private discounted access to equipment and tools for reporting. Potential access to free or low-cost loans of cameras, recording equipment, or editing software, reducing your production costs.

Collab Projects:

Opportunities for collaborative reporting projects with other Affiliates, ultimately diversifying your portfolio.


Marketing Support:

Marketing support, including branding and promotion of personal projects, to help Affiliates build their personal brands

Access To Data:

Access to exclusive data sets, sources, or contacts that can assist in investigative reporting.

Community Engage:

Opportunities in community outreach initiatives, such as educational workshops or school programs, strengthening your ties to the community

Travel Opportunities:

Potential access to traveling with WCTU crews to relevant conferences, events, or on-the-ground reporting assignments that expand horizons.


The opportunity to be paired with experienced mentors in the field who can provide guidance and advice as they progress in their careers. Affiliates will also have access to WCTU interns to assist in field work occasionally

AC Perks
AC Application

WCTU Affiliate Contributor Application

Please take a moment to fill out the form below.

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Thank you for submitting your application to become a WCTU Cleveland 13 News Affiliate Contributor. Our team, which consists of WCTU leadership as well as a collective team of your peers and colleagues will review your application and the information you provided therein. Your references may be contacted. Submitting this application does not guarantee acceptance.

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