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About WCTU - Cleveland 13 News

We are Northeast Ohio's most dynamic and community-driven news network. We're not just a news source; we're your neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens working tirelessly to transform the way news is delivered and experienced.

Our Vision

At WCTU, our vision is clear: to empower and unite our community through reliable, unbiased, and engaging news coverage. We believe that an informed citizenry is the cornerstone of a vibrant and thriving society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with unfiltered, unadulterated news and information that matters most to you. We're not here to tell you what to think; we're here to provide the facts and let you form your own opinions.

What Sets Us Apart

What makes WCTU Cleveland 13 News stand out in today's media landscape is our commitment to community-driven journalism. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and we're dedicated to giving a voice to the people and stories that often go unheard.

Why "13"?

You might wonder why we call ourselves "Cleveland 13 News" when there's no broadcast channel associated with that number. The answer lies in our commitment to being where our community is. In a digital age where over 80% of people access news outside of traditional television broadcasts and print newspapers, we've embraced the modern definition of "CHANNELS" — social platforms where individuals and businesses communicate. We've aligned our presence on thirteen separate online 'CHANNELS,' ensuring that you can find us where you already are.

Our Team

Our team consists of a little bit of everything - from Emmy award-winning news reporters/producers, to the man behind the voice of AOL ("you've got mail"). From journalists, and content creators, to passionate community leaders from all around Northeast Ohio. We're your neighbors, friends, and fellow community members, united by a shared dedication to delivering high-quality news that you can trust.

Join Us in Our Mission

We invite you to join us on this journey. Follow us for the latest updates, news insights, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who share our commitment to transparency and truth in news reporting.

At WCTU Cleveland 13 News, we're more than a news network; we're a community. Together, we can reshape the way news is shared and experienced, ensuring that your voice and your stories are at the heart of our mission.

Thank you for being a part of our community and stay tuned for the latest stories that matter most to you.

WCTU Cleveland 13 News - News from the people, for the people, and to the people of our community. Your Voice. Your News!



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