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Personalized Services

Cleveland 13 News is your source for personalized services in Northeast Ohio. From obituary publishing to birth, wedding, and engagement announcements, we're here for life's milestones. Our Video Shout-Outs and birthday graphics during news segments add a special touch to your celebrations. We're committed to making every moment memorable for our community.

General Advertising

for sponsorships and combined advertisements, please contact us at to arrange for custom packages and pricing. Click HERE to download our current sponsorship/advertisement pricing and packages

Obituary Publication..........................$49.00 (FLAT RATE GUARANTEE)         click HERE to submit now

Our general advertising services include Public Announcements (such as Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, etc), Ads on the WCTU Cleveland 13 Website (as published posts, in text, photo, video, designed ads on the Homepage and News Pages), Newsletter advertisement, Radio/Podcast shout-out/announcements, Event Announcements, On-Screen Ads (Text, Photo, Video, Audio Mentioned) during Video Segments, Social Media Marketing and more. To see a full list of the advertising services we offer and the current pricing structure, please click HERE to download and contact us at or fill out the form HERE to get in touch with us to advertise with Cleveland 13.


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Posts, Reels, Stories


Ads, Posts, Shout-Outs, Events, More


Posts, Reels, Stories


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Ads, Posts, Events, More


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