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Is Something Happening Now?

If you have information about, and/or footage of a developing story or event that needs immediate attention, please contact our team via social media messaging at one of the links below. You can call tips for developing stories into our newsroom at (216) 532-5138 or email photos, your information, and a description of what is happening to:

Message Us on Social Media (For Developing Stories Only)

Please only use this for urgent, breaking and developing stories. For everything else such as press releases, investigative pieces, general news content/tips, and more, please either send us a press release (information below), or provide us with the information we need to pitch a story to our newsroom (button below to submit direct to newsroom)

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'Follow' and Message Us on Social Media

Have a Finished Press Release?

Email it to us at or click HERE

Need Us To Do The Work?

That's totally fine by us. We live for this stuff! All we need from you is as much information as you can give us about your story/article/event and our team will put something together to collectively review and see if we can get it published on Cleveland 13. If you are ready to get started, click below (make sure you have an account on the site first. If not, you can create one quickly and's ALWAYS free!)

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