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My afternoon nap. You will absolutely know if I did not have it.

'Cleve-It To Us'

Delvin Spooner

Production Supervisor

'Cleve-It To Us'

"after Tuesday, even the calendar goes WTF"

Meet Delvin Spooner, a proud Londoner whose journey led him to discover a deep and abiding connection with the vibrant city of Cleveland. Del, as he is affectionately known, serves as the Administrative Director and Production Supervisor for 'Cleve-It To Us,' an explorative video series that celebrates the essence of Cleveland.

Delvin embarked on his academic journey at the University of Westminster, known for its strong programs in media and communication. Here, he honed his foundational skills in journalism and broadcasting, laying the groundwork for a successful career in media, earning himself a (BA) Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Broadcasting. From there Del went on to obtain his (MA) Master of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of London.

After visiting Cleveland for a simple project in 2014, Delvin realized that he felt more at home here than he could ever have imagined; making the official move less than a year later. Having found his true calling in Cleveland, Delvin brings a unique perspective and international flair to the Cleveland 13 Advisory Board. His administrative prowess and production expertise make him an invaluable asset to 'Cleve-It To Us' and the broader media initiatives under the Cleveland 13 umbrella.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Delvin is a devoted enthusiast of Cleveland sports, savoring the local culinary scene, and embarking on exciting adventures throughout the city. His appreciation for the culture and spirit of Cleveland is evident in his work, where he strives to capture the heart and soul of the community through engaging and authentic storytelling.

As a member of the Advisory Board, Delvin Spooner contributes not only his skills and knowledge but also a global perspective that enriches the diverse tapestry of Cleveland 13 News. His commitment to excellence and passion for media make him an integral part of the team, dedicated to shaping the future of news and storytelling in Cleveland.

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