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WCU Cleveland 13

Heather Stevens

Sponsorship Director

WCU Cleveland 13

Meet Heather Stevens, the Sponsorship Director for WCTU Cleveland 13 News and a prominent member of the advisory board. Heather is a seasoned expert in information technology with a comprehensive knowledge of emerging tech and a collection of nearly every technology-related certification achievable. Heather's expertise extends beyond technical proficiency; she has a profound passion for numbers and achieving tangible results.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Heather consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the success of projects she is passionate about. Her results-driven approach has made her an invaluable asset to various ventures, demonstrating her commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes.

Heather is not only a tech maven but also a compassionate advocate for those facing challenges related to their vision. Her caring and resilient nature make her a true leader in both technology and advocacy.

As a national leader in technology development for the hospitality industry, Heather has achieved recognition for her contributions to advancing tech solutions in this sector. Despite her demanding role, she somehow manages to dedicate time and effort to contribute as the Sponsorship Director for Cleveland 13, showcasing her commitment to supporting innovative news media.

Originally from Texas, Heather pursued her education in Florida before making Cleveland her home over a decade ago. Her diverse background and wealth of experiences make her a valuable asset to the advisory board, contributing to the dynamic and forward-thinking vision of Cleveland 13 News.

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