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Kenyatta Nickens

Marketing Consultant

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." - Marianne Williamson

Meet Kenyatta Nickens, a passionate leader who brings a wealth of strategic expertise to the Cleveland 13 Advisory Board, contributing her unique skills as a forward-thinking advertising professional. With a commitment to elevating and distinguishing life science companies, Kenyatta specializes in introducing innovative approaches that resonate with healthcare professionals and influencers alike. Her extensive experience spans regulatory affairs, market access, and healthcare professional promotion, supporting both US and global markets.

What sets Kenyatta apart is her exceptional ability to think outside the box, a skill mastered at her level by very few. Her strategic mindset allows her to craft distinctive and effective approaches that go beyond conventional methods. In the rapidly evolving landscape of life sciences, Kenyatta has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for learning and swiftly adopting new strategies, showcasing her adaptability and efficiency.

Passionate about the success of those around her, Kenyatta is not only a seasoned professional but also an advocate for the growth and prosperity of her colleagues and collaborators. Her dedication to innovation, coupled with her extraordinary strategic thinking, makes her an invaluable asset to the Cleveland 13 Advisory Board, contributing to the board's dynamic and forward-looking approach to news media.

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