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Cooking, Fast Cars, Music, My Children & Harry Potter things (the order changes daily)

WCTU Cleveland 13

Matt Greminger


WCTU Cleveland 13

"we are meant to live, not merely exist"

Meet Matt Greminger, the founder and President of WCTU Cleveland 13 News, whose career in the media industry spans nearly two decades. His journey began with the creation of a large professional recording facility, laying the foundation for a successful career marked by innovation and entrepreneurship.

As a serial entrepreneur, Matt's ventures have included over a dozen companies, many of which still thrive today. His expertise extends across the media and production landscape, where he has pioneered projects in musical productions, motion pictures, and emerging audio/visual technologies. Matt's work has garnered national and global recognition, featuring prominently in various productions.

Known affectionately by his viewers as 'Gremi,' Matt is not only a behind-the-scenes force but also an on-air personality. Taking his passion for fun and his love for Cleveland, he created the popular video series 'Cleve-It To Us,' now an affiliate of Cleveland 13 News. The series explores the greatness of Cleveland, from museums to events, restaurants to popular sights, reflecting Matt's commitment to showcasing the city's vibrant culture.

Beyond the camera, Matt serves on the board of directors for several non-profit organizations, including the Workmen's Circle Educational Center of Ohio, a 123-year-old social action organization. Matt's dedication to community service aligns with his belief in helping others live their best and most fulfilling lives.

WCTU Cleveland 13 News, conceived by Matt Greminger, emerged from a realization that public trust in traditional news media was waning. Matt envisioned a local news network that not only restored faith in journalism but also adapted to the modern ways people consume and share news. With an interactive and immersive approach, WCTU Cleveland 13 News engages the community in the news reporting process, bridging the gap between seasoned reporters and the public.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Matt finds joy in cooking, savoring delicious meals, and cherishing moments with his large and close-knit family. With a loving wife and three beautiful daughters, Matt embraces the power of the present, emphasizing the importance of extracting joy from every moment of life.

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