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WCTU Cleveland 13

Ryan Silver

Affiliate Contributor

WCTU Cleveland 13

Meet Ryan Silver, an esteemed member of the Cleveland 13 News Advisory Board and a passionate historian and antiquities dealer. Hailing from the east side of Cleveland, Ryan is deeply rooted in the local community and has dedicated himself to various volunteer activities and social action initiatives that showcase his enormous heart and commitment to helping those in need.

As a serial entrepreneur, Ryan brings a wealth of experience to the advisory board, coupled with his profound love for all things Cleveland, history, and nostalgia. His expertise extends to the realm of antiquities, where he excels as a dealer, showcasing his keen eye for artifacts and his ability to connect the past with the present.

What sets Ryan apart is not only his entrepreneurial spirit but also his exceptional hands-on skills and a visionary mindset that few possess. His unique ability to conjure a vision makes him an invaluable asset to those fortunate enough to collaborate with him. Whether delving into Cleveland's rich history or navigating the intricate world of antiquities, Ryan's passion and dedication shine through, making him a standout member of the advisory board.

In addition to his role as an Affiliate Contributor to Cleveland 13 News, Ryan's involvement in various community-oriented activities underscores his commitment to making a positive impact. His multifaceted contributions to the advisory board, coupled with his genuine desire to preserve and promote Cleveland's cultural heritage, make Ryan Silver an influential and valued member of the Cleveland 13 News family.

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