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Cleveland Media Personality Cooks Hanukkah Foods in Video Segment

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

CLEVELAND - Gremi, the host of the video series CleveItToUs, recently filmed a segment where he cooked several traditional Hanukkah dishes right out of his own kitchen. The episode, which was released to coincide with the first night of Hanukkah, featured Gremi preparing Potato Pancakes (also known as Latkes), Apple Sauce, and Chopped Liver, all from scratch.

As a local media personality, Gremi is still rather new to the scene, however his show and social brand CleveItToUs has been growing in popularity since its official launch at the beginning of this month. The premiere episode of CleveItToUs featured Gremi walking his viewers through a history of the West Side Market as it celebrated its 110th birthday, and getting up close and personal with some of the vendors and visitors strolling through.

With each new segment expanding Gremi's audience even more, Gremi decided to film a few episodes that show another side of him.

"I live and breathe small business and Cleveland greatness, but I am much more than a goofy guy sticking a camera in people's faces... I am a business owner myself..." Gremi said, "I do things involving art and music and, of course, I love to cook", he added, when asked about these more intimate segments.

"I want my show to be multi-faceted. We cater to all of Cleveland and that means those who cook, those who eat, and those who are really dying to know how I make my chopped liver so perfect", he joked.

Gremi, who was raised in a secular Jewish household, brags of the diversity throughout his family; with a mix of religions and ethnicities throughout the branches that all come together for holiday gatherings. He will be the first to admit that he isn't religious, but also the first to celebrate the culture of a holiday, regardless of the religion within which it may be based.

"I'm definitely not orthadox, but I consider myself to be culturally Jewish and there are some traditionally Jewish foods that I love to make and eat...", Gremi boasted. "...chopped liver is a big one, and you've got to have latkes with apple sauce", he added.

In the Hanukkah cooking segment, which is nearly twice as long as other CleveItToUs segments, Gremi seems to have a wonderful time in the kitchen, and is clearly still in his element, despite the venue change.

To learn more about Gremi and his Cleveland based show CleveItToUs, click here.


CleveItToUs would like to thank Lori Cahan-Simon for providing music for the segment. To learn more about Lori Cahan-Simon and her amazing Yiddish albums, find her online here. S1-E8 - Original Air Date: 12/18/2022



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