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Fast Cars and Canines

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

MAPLE HEIGHTS - Gremi takes us inside one of the most popular locally owned pet grooming salons in Cleveland. Ranked #1 by Google Reviews 5 years running. Owned and operated by Bonnie Swirsky, Canine Castle is consistently receiving awards and recognition stemming from the incredible reviews and ratings her customers leave her online. Offering services from shaving to bathing, walk-in nail trims and more, it is clear to understand why Bonnie's customers tend to be loyal customers for life.

When Bonnie isn't hanging out with her furry friends, she can be seen (very briefly, if you're lucky) speeding by in her race car. Yes, Bonnie is a race car driver. Having completely customized her 1991 Nissan 300ZX, she shares a love of Z Cars with Gremi, who she invites along with her to Tech Day 2022, a local event of the Cleveland Z Club, where local Nissan and Datsun Z Car collectors and enthusiasts gather to enjoy their cars and friends; hosted by ZSPEC and at the home of it's owner. After hanging with the pups, we rode out to the Z Car show and learned a bit about another local business (ZSPEC Design) and the Cleveland Z Club.

Click here to learn more about: Canine Castle, ZSPEC Design, Cleveland Z Club


Special Thanks to: Jeanne Greminger (camera, audio), Miley Lauren (camera, audio), Bonnie Swirsky (Canine Castle), Karen Karl (ZSPEC Design/Cleveland Z Club), Sierra Reid, Chris Karl

S1-E3 - Original Air Date: 12/7/2022



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