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University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic Team Up to Fight Substance Misuse with Drug Take-Back Day

CLEVELAND, OHIO - University Hospitals (UH) is partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to host a Drug Take-Back Day on October 28. This joint initiative aims to prevent substance misuse and reduce overdose fatalities in Northeast Ohio.

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UH, a leading health system with a network of 18 hospitals and more than 200 physician offices, has always championed community health and wellness. This initiative continues its tradition of innovative healthcare solutions and community outreach. By providing safe and easy access to drug disposal, UH and Cleveland Clinic are making a tangible difference in the fight against substance misuse.

The Drug Take-Back Day will feature 29 collection locations across Northeast Ohio, where residents can safely dispose of their unused or expired medications. The disposal of these medications reduces the risk of accidental exposure and misuse.

“When unused medicines sit for a long time at home, they’re more likely to be abused,” said Michael Carlin, Senior Director of Pharmacy, Business Operations and Logistical Management at UH. “At this event, we’re not only giving people a place to safely rid their homes of these drugs but equipping them with tools to intervene if someone in their life does overdose.”

In addition to medication collection, all UH sites will offer free naloxone kits and fentanyl test strips. Naloxone is a life-saving drug that can rapidly reverse opioid overdoses, while fentanyl test strips can detect the presence of this potent and often deadly opioid in other substances.

To further support community health, select UH medical centers will also provide no-cost screenings for glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure on the day of the event. This collaboration underscores the power of unity in combating public health crises and reflects UH's ongoing commitment to enhancing community health.

Both UH and the Cleveland Clinic offer permanent prescription drug collection sites and a range of addiction treatment services throughout the year, ensuring ongoing support for those affected by substance misuse.

In an era of escalating substance misuse, initiatives like the Drug Take-Back Day are more critical than ever. Through collaborative efforts, UH and Cleveland Clinic continue to promote healthier, safer communities.



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