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101 Years of Sweetest Day: Malley's Chocolate Crafts Delicious Celebrations

Updated: 5 days ago

CLEVELAND, OHIO - The intoxicating aroma of chocolate fills the air as one steps into the hallowed halls of Malley's Chocolate, an iconic institution synonymous with all things sweet and delectable. Founded by Mike Malley, this confectionery has etched its name in the annals of Cleveland's history, delighting generations of chocolate enthusiasts.

In a recent exploration, Gremi, the intrepid host of 'Cleve-It To Us', ventured into the heart of Malley's Chocolate facility located in Brookpark. Guided by Grace Cohan, the astute plant manager, and accompanied by Mike Malley, the third-generation owner and grandson of the founder (Grandpa Mike), Gremi was granted exclusive access to the commercial kitchen. This rare opportunity provided a glimpse into the meticulous process of creating fine chocolates.

As Sweetest Day approaches, a beloved Great Lakes holiday born right here in Cleveland 101 years ago in 1922, the excitement at Malley's was palpable. To mark this sweet occasion, Malley's Chocolate announced the upcoming production of their famous chocolate-covered strawberries and grapes, a delectable treat perfectly encapsulating the essence of the day. These mouthwatering delights are set to hit the shelves on Friday at noon, just in time to make Sweetest Day even more memorable.

The excitement didn't end there, however, as Malley's had recently unveiled the 'Betty Lou', a delightful chocolate cluster combining the perfect harmony of pretzels and caramel. Grace Cohan, the mastermind behind this tantalizing creation, showcased her ingenuity and creativity in crafting flavors that leave a lasting impression.

In the midst of this chocolatey wonderland, Gremi gave a heartfelt shout-out to his Grandma Rose, a chocolate lover like the rest of them, who had just celebrated her 105th birthday. This tribute underscored the simple joy that chocolate brings, especially to those with a deep love for its sweetness.

Adding a deeper layer of significance to the visit was the alignment of Sweetest Day with the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer walk in Cleveland, a critical event advocating for breast cancer research and awareness. Gremi and Mr. Malley passionately encouraged viewers to contribute to this vital cause by purchasing pink tribute ribbons available at the register in Malley's. The proceeds of which are directed towards supporting that walk and breast cancer research.

In a twist of fate, Gremi also acknowledged a true Cleveland media icon, Robin Swoboda. Robin featured Gremi in one of her early 2000's news stories, marking a pivotal moment in his journey. A two-time breast cancer survivor, Robin's spirit and resilience serve as an inspiration to all. Gremi urged everyone to donate to the Breast Cancer fund in honor of this inspiring figure.

In the spirit of giving and indulging in life's simple pleasures, Malley's Chocolate invites you to be part of their sweet journey. Join them in celebrating Sweetest Day and supporting the fight against breast cancer, embodying the true essence of community and love.

For more information on the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk, please visit here.

To explore the world of Malley's Chocolate, click here.


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