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Blossoming Together: Rally CLE Unites Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH - Amidst the vibrant rhythm of Cleveland's neighborhoods, a remarkable event is poised to take center stage. Rally CLE, an annual celebration of community spirit and positive change, is gearing up for its grand affair on September 9th. Picture a day where Cleveland's diverse neighborhoods unite, propelled by passionate volunteers, local leaders, and everyday citizens, all converging to paint their city with vibrant hues of unity and resilience.

Rally CLE Volunteers
photo: Julie Miragliotta

This captivating event is far more than a simple gathering; Rally CLE embodies the essence of hope in an area that faces its share of challenges. This event features eight unique block parties, a talent show titled "Shalom's Got Talent," and community gardens opening their gates to provide solace and rejuvenation to those in need.

Among these green sanctuaries, one stands out as an emblem of resilience and remembrance. Julie Miragliotta, the driving force behind "The One Where We Remember Garden," shares her heartfelt journey. Julie's garden is more than a mere patch of land; it's a tribute to her late husband and a nurturing space for mental well-being. Nestled where a house once stood, this garden serves as a poignant reminder of love, loss, and the enduring human spirit.

Julie describes the garden with passion: "The back part of the garden is serene and quiet, which is more of a memorial part and has the phone booth area, and the front part is more of an active area." This unique layout offers a pathway for introspection and celebration, a canvas of stone and roses that beckons visitors to reflect and rejoice.

As dawn breaks on September 9th, around 30 dedicated volunteers, including the Bridge City Church and a steadfast core group, will gather. Rally CLE has forged a powerful partnership with these local volunteers and the Bridge City Church, creating a robust support system that breathes life into this event. Julie, reflecting on Rally CLE, emphasizes, "It's a testament to Cleveland's spirit, ensuring vacant lots transform into vibrant spaces." Her words echo the sentiments of countless residents, who yearn for accessible greenspaces that nurture their well-being.

The heart of Rally CLE beats in sync with the community leaders who champion its cause. Building Hope in the City, a nonprofit organization, laid the groundwork for this inspiring initiative. Community leaders like Julie and her fellow residents rallied neighbors, fostering a spirit of positivity and togetherness that resonates throughout the year.

However, Rally CLE is not just about Julie's garden. It's a mosaic of stories, each contributing a unique hue to the canvas of unity. Picture the BarrioBoy Bike Giveaway & Block Party, Painting Through The Pain, Shalom's Got Talent, Graves 2 Garden Mural, Light Up The Park, Peace & Painting, and Fenwick Park Clean-Up and Cookout—all weaving a narrative of hope and transformation.

Save the date: September 9th. From 8 AM to past 8 PM, Rally CLE will infuse Cleveland with an infectious spirit of togetherness. It's more than an event; it's a movement, a chorus of voices united in the belief that communities can flourish, that unity can uplift, and that gardens, both physical and metaphorical, have the power to heal and inspire.

Anyone interested in volunteering can learn more by clicking here.



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