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Cleveland's New Network, 'Cleveland 13 News', Just Launched and is Hitting The Ground Running

CLEVELAND, OH - We all live in a time where trust in traditional news media has been shaken, and to combat this a new era of journalism has dawned in Northeast Ohio. Cleveland 13 News (WCTU), a dynamic and community-driven news network, officially launches, aiming to transform the way news is delivered and experienced.

Cleveland 13 Newsroom Generated Image for WCTU Article - Matt Greminger/Houda Crable

With a clear vision to empower and unite the community through reliable, unbiased, and engaging news coverage, Cleveland 13 is set to become a beacon of transparency in the media landscape. "We're not just a news source; we're your neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens working tirelessly to bring you the information that matters most," said Courtney Brooks, Administrative Coordinator for Cleveland 13 News.

What sets Cleveland 13 News apart is its commitment to community-driven journalism. Recognizing that everyone has a story to tell, the network is dedicated to giving a voice to the people and stories that often go unheard. By embracing a democratic approach, WCTU aims to rebuild the foundations of trust in the media and ensure that the integrity of news is safeguarded by the collective spirit of the people.

So why call themselves "Cleveland 13 News" when there's no broadcast channel associated with that number? The answer lies in their commitment to being where the community is. In today's digital age, where the majority of people access news outside of traditional television broadcasts and print newspapers, WCTU has embraced the modern definition of "CHANNELS" — social platforms where individuals and businesses communicate. WCTU has aligned its presence on thirteen separate online 'CHANNELS,' ensuring that the community can find them where they already are.

The team behind WCTU Cleveland 13 News consists of a diverse group of individuals, from Emmy award-winning news reporters and producers to passionate community leaders. They are united by a shared dedication to delivering high-quality news that the community can trust.

Matt Greminger, President of Cleveland 13 News, explains the motivation behind the network's creation: "The conviction arose that our society deserves better. The media should be a beacon of transparency, holding an unwavering commitment to truth. Our network stands as a testament to the belief that no news should be held hostage; access should be universal."

Denise Zarrella, a Northeast Ohio Emmy-winning news reporter and producer, emphasizes the growing demand for unfiltered journalism: "I think 'unfiltered' journalism is what so many are looking for right now."

Kenyatta Nickens, a leader in strategy and marketing, highlights the significance of community media, stating, "Community media is a fundamentally democratic medium that enables us to hear the voices of our people and provides an outlet for expressing thoughts and opinions."

Another member of the WCTU Advisory Board, Sara Continenza, who is also the CEO and Founder of Food Strong, a local non-profit organization supporting food access and economic development said, "I think it's really important that people can access neutral news and be allowed to form their on opinions about the matter... Current media works hard to sway opinions. It's really hard to know what's true or not and what's bought and pay for by corporations."

Together, this network aims to reshape the way news is shared and experienced, ensuring that the voice and stories of the community are at the heart of their mission. WCTU Cleveland 13 News invites the community to join them on this journey. By following them, individuals can stay updated on the latest news insights, opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, and engage with a network committed to transparency and truth in news reporting.

Stay tuned for the latest stories that matter most to you, as WCTU Cleveland 13 News becomes the trusted source of news from the people, for the people, and to the people of Northeast Ohio.


Dec 17, 2023

Pick me please Patti Bartkowski


Dec 15, 2023

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Dec 06, 2023

Great job !!


Dec 05, 2023

🎈🎉 Congratulations Matt!!


Congrats Mr Matthew Greminger on the launch of Cleveland 13 News! The Grand journey has begun!

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