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National Dance Day Spotlights Cleveland Small Business 'Tabitha In Motion'

CLEVELAND, OH - Tabitha Minor, a passionate dancer and entrepreneur, has turned her dream into reality with 'Tabitha in Motion,' a thriving dance company that specializes in personalized wedding and event dance lessons. Founded in 2021, this small business has quickly become a local favorite, helping couples and individuals express themselves through dance without breaking the bank.

Tabitha, a Bowling Green State University alumna with a dual degree in Vocal Performance and Dance, has over two decades of dancing under her belt. She continues to leave her mark on the Northeast Ohio arts scene, performing and choreographing for notable venues like Playhouse Square. A significant part of her life, Clyde Giuseppe Stephano Miner, her brindle Boxer, often accompanies her, making her at home wherever she dances off to.

"I started this business to make dance accessible and personalized. It's not just about learning steps but expressing your unique personality through movement," Tabitha explained. Her vision that dance lessons should be affordable and tailored is a philosophy that has helped her company expand rapidly, necessitating the addition of two new instructors to keep up with demand.

Enter Kayla Jenkins and Amber Coughlin, two talented dancers who share Tabitha's passion and ethos. Kayla, a Cleveland native and an alumnus of the Cleveland School of Arts, brings over 15 years of dance experience to the team. Her love for dance is infectious, "Dance is joy, and teaching it is about letting that joy shine through, tailored to each individual's comfort and style," she says.

Amber, hailing from Pittsburgh, has explored numerous dance styles, from ballet to ballroom, across various stages. Now teaching at Martell School of Dance in Akron and running her nonprofit, Phoenix Performing Arts, Amber brings a diverse repertoire and a deep love for ballroom dancing, particularly the foxtrot and tango. "Dancing is more than movement. It's about creating a connection that can last a lifetime," Amber adds.

Tabitha in Motion's expansion to Akron demonstrates its growing influence and commitment to making dance widely accessible. The business’s approach of emphasizing personal expression over rigid protocols offers a fresh perspective in dance instruction.

To celebrate International Dance Day, 'Cleve-It To Us' spent the morning at 'Tabitha in Motion', with Gremi diving into the world of dance under the guidance of Tabitha and her team. The day was filled with laughter, music, and dance steps, as Gremi and his crew learned firsthand the joy and passion that Tabitha brings to her teaching. It wasn't just about mastering the movements; it was about experiencing the vibrant energy and personal connection that Tabitha fosters in her studio.

Gremi was particularly struck by Tabitha's charisma and expertise, describing her as "a supernova; a rare and stunning star and from the moment you first speak with her, it's as though you've known her forever. I feel like it would be impossible for any dancing hopefuls to have a hard time connecting with her." He was equally impressed with Amber and Kayla, noting, "Amber and Kayla are also incredible. This truly is a dream team. Talented, professional, insanely skilled and truly warm to be around." The experience highlighted not only the technical skill of the instructors but also their ability to create a welcoming and fun environment that makes every participant feel like part of a dance family.

During the segment we also hear expert insights from Kellie Grabfelder, a physical therapist with Cleveland Clinic, who detailed the myriad health benefits of dancing. Grabfelder emphasized the cardiovascular perks, explaining, "It's an aerobic exercise which helps our body use oxygen, which helps increase our heart rate. It gets our blood pumping through our body and oxygen to our muscles. And this can even aid in weight loss for people." She also noted that dancing enhances strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance, offering an enjoyable alternative to traditional gym workouts.

Further elaborating on the psychological advantages, Grabfelder added, "There's also benefits for our mental health. Dancing helps to release endorphins, which are our feel-good chemicals, and they make us feel good after we exercise." This combination of physical exertion and social interaction not only boosts physical fitness but also mental well-being, making dance a comprehensive approach to health that is both fun and beneficial.

For those interested in experiencing the magic of 'Tabitha in Motion' themselves, the studio is active online and in the community. You can follow their journey, get updates on classes, and view dance testimonials on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Additionally, detailed information about their offerings, including class schedules and event services, can be found on their website at Whether you're a dance enthusiast or a couple preparing for your wedding, Tabitha and her team are ready to guide you in expressing yourself through the art of dance.



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