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New Family Business Takes Over Former Bussey's Location on Lee Rd

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH - In the beloved Cedar-Lee district of Cleveland Heights, at the bustling intersection of Silsby and Lee, a new business is casting a fresh light on community connections. Olie's Gift & Ship has emerged as a delightful fusion of gift emporium and mini-post office, promising a new era of thoughtful gifting and efficient shipping services.

Marking the rebirth of the beloved location once occupied by Bussey's Upholstery Foam 'N' Fabric, Olie's Gift & Ship brings renewed energy to 2313 Lee Road. The Davis family, now proud owners, have taken up the mantle of this cherished space, creating a hub where tradition meets innovation. The transformation pays homage to the past while embracing the future.

A husband and wife team, Jason and Anco Davis, are the architects behind Olie's Gift & Ship. Their journey from Atlanta to Cleveland Heights was propelled by a desire for a nurturing community that resonated with their aspirations for their young child, affectionately known as "Olie." Drawn to the unique character of Cleveland Heights, the Davises saw the potential to foster a business that echoed the town's vibrancy and warmth.

Olie's Gift & Ship celebrates its grand opening on September 7th, marking a poignant moment in the community's narrative. The store promises a haven where shoppers can peruse an eclectic collection of greeting cards, curated gifts, and efficient shipping solutions.

The essence of Olie's Gift & Ship isn't solely about transactions; it's about forging connections. Bolstering this, the store's digital interface invites customers to explore its offerings online at, streamlining orders for seamless in-store pickup. The Davis family envisions expanding their offerings over time, tailoring their services to the community's evolving needs.

What makes Olie's Gift & Ship a distinct presence in Cleveland Heights is its seamless blend of continuity and innovation. The location, once a cherished destination for fabrics and foam, now houses a dynamic concept that resonates with the present and pays homage to its history. The transition embodies the essence of the Heights—a fusion of heritage and progress.

As the Davis family embarked on their journey, they found Cleveland Heights to be a welcoming embrace. The neighborhood's diversity, coupled with a sense of belonging, struck a chord with them. Jason Davis, co-owner of Olie's Gift & Ship, shares, "We live our whole lives in basically a block. Cleveland Heights feels like home already. We love our neighbors with so many different backgrounds. We feel really grateful and lucky."

Olie's Gift & Ship stands as a symbol of Cleveland Heights' enduring spirit, celebrating its past while illuminating its future. The Davis family's story is a testament to the Heights' inclusive ethos, where dreams are nurtured, connections are forged, and new beginnings take root.



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