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'Garden For The Season' And Harvest All Year Long; Kelly's Creations in the CLE

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

CLEVELAND, OH - In a bustling city like Cleveland, it's easy to overlook the incredible world of nature that thrives just beneath our feet; but for one local woman, the Earth's abundance and the art of gardening are not just a hobby—they are a way of life. Kelly Crotty is the founder, owner, and operator of "Kelly's Creations In The CLE," a small business that's sowing the seeds of sustainability and natural connection right here in Cleveland.

A garden consultant and enthusiast, Kelly has dedicated her life to nurturing the Earth and sharing the joys of gardening with her community. Stepping into her vibrant garden is like entering a sanctuary of greenery, where plants of all kinds flourish in harmony. It's clear that this garden is not just a collection of plants; it's a testament to Kelly's profound love for nature and her belief in the positive energy exchange between humans and plants.

During a visit to Kelly's personal garden, Kelly shared her deep insights into gardening, sustainability, and the emotional connection we can forge with the natural world. Kelly's Creations In The CLE is not just a small business; it's a hub of knowledge, creativity, and community engagement. Kelly offers a range of services, from workshops and garden design to installations. Her passion for gardening extends into the kitchen, as she loves to cook with the fresh produce from her garden, inspiring others to do the same.

One of the standout features of Kelly's Creations In The CLE is her social media presence. Her Instagram page, filled with tips, tricks, fun videos, and clever guides, is a treasure trove for novice gardeners. Whether you're wondering what to plant or when to plant it for the best results, Kelly has you covered. Her favorite motto, "plant for the season," underscores the importance of understanding what thrives during different times of the year.

For those eager to explore the world of sustainable gardening, Kelly's Creations In The CLE is just a click away. Visit her website at to learn more about her services and upcoming workshops. You can also connect with Kelly on Facebook and Instagram at @kellyscreationsinthecle, where you'll find a wealth of gardening inspiration and information.

We encourage everyone to watch the segment of "Cleve-It To Us," where Kelly and Gremi explore her enchanting garden and dive deep into the world of sustainable gardening. Kelly Crotty and her business, Kelly's Creations In The CLE, are living proof that the beauty of nature can thrive in the heart of the city, and her passion for sustainable gardening is inspiring us all to dig a little deeper into the world of greenery, one seed at a time.



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