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Queen Elisabeth Living It Up At Candytopia Cleveland

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

LYNDHURST - Step right up, folks, for the sweetest show on earth! Gremi, our intrepid host of "Cleve-It To Us," has teamed up with the queen of candy herself, Elisabeth Sapell, to explore the latest sugary sensation to hit Cleveland: Candytopia! Together they indulged in a sugar rush of epic proportions as they marveled at candy-made statues, frolicked on swings, bounced giant beach balls, and encountered a peculiarly anatomically correct bull made entirely of candy. Once you walk through the massive and intricate doors of Candytopia, you're immediately hit with a treat for all the senses.

Elisabeth, owner of All City Candy in Richmond Heights and known as the Candy Queen of Cleveland, was able to show off her incredible knowledge of all things candy. She identified every piece by brand and name and demonstrated an impressive eye for detail.

Their candy-coated journey was led by the one and only George Zapata of Candytopia, and lucky for us, Cleveland is currently one of only three cities hosting this sugar-laden wonderland (the other two being New York City and Washington DC), and it will be here through the end of the year, so there's plenty of time to bring your family, friends, or even a first date (as long as they're not a candy thief).

But wait, there's more! Meet the newest "Cleve-It To Us" field reporter, Johnny Rhoades. He takes to the streets of downtown Cleveland to test locals' chocolate knowledge by having them taste a mystery chocolate and guess the brand. Why, you ask? To promote the upcoming blind chocolate taste test on June 1st, of course! Cleveland candy and foodie legends like Elisabeth Sapell (All City Candy), Tom Scheiman (B A Sweetie Candy Company), Amanda Kurland (Corky & Lenny's), and Marian Napier (youth cooking teacher and passionate food historian) will all put their chocolate expertise to the test.

So, get yourself to Candytopia at Legacy Village and make sure to catch the "Cleve-It To Us" segment. We guarantee you'll laugh so hard, you'll start spitting out candy!

Click HERE to reserve tickets for Candytopia at Legacy Village


Special Thanks to George Zapata (Candytopia), Ashley Shack (Production Supervisor), Doreen Smyth (Behind the Scenes), Elisabeth Sapell (All City Candy), Johnny Rhoades (Field Reporter)



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