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Bialy's Celebrates National Bagel Day with a 'Hole" lot of Fun!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS - This year, the highlight of National Bagel Day is none other than Bialy's, a beloved bagel shop located in University Heights, Ohio. The shop is owned by twins Rachel and Sarah Gross, who were born and raised in University Heights and have a strong connection to the store.

Their mother used to take them and their brother to Bialy's when they were young, and they eventually fell in love with bagels while visiting their uncle's bagel shop in Winston Salem, North Carolina. In 2011, Rachel and Sarah traveled to NC to learn the ins-and-outs of the bagel business, and in 2017, they finalized the transfer of ownership of Bialy's from previous owners Ellen and Mark Osolin.

Bialy's has a rich history in the community, having been founded by Terry Skolnick in 1966. Skolnick, a baker from Brooklyn, New York, opened the University Heights Bagel Store and later changed the name to Bialy's Bagels. He built the store into an Eastside institution and ran it until his retirement in 1997. Ellen and Mark Osolin then took over the business and ran it for 36 years before passing it on to Rachel and Sarah.

On National Bagel Day, Gremi had the opportunity to learn how to make a bagel at Bialy's and get hands-on in the process. Gremi reports that the finished product was the freshest bagel he had ever consumed, having come straight from the ovens; and he left Bialy's feeling satisfied and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the tradition of bagel-making.

Rachel and Sarah hope that customers will continue to support Bialy's and help them bring in new business as they embark on this new chapter in the store's history. If you're in the University Heights area, be sure to stop by Bialy's for a delicious bagel and a chance to support a local, family-owned business. ------------------------------------------------------------ Special Thanks to Rachel and Sarah Gross (Bialy's Bagels), Miley Lauren (CleveItToUs), Justin Greminger (Audio Visual Production).

Original Airdate: 1/15/2023


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