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Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's Krayzie Bone Hospitalized, Fans Offer Encouragement

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CA - Cleveland rapper Krayzie Bone, a prominent member of the legendary group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on Friday, September 22nd, after experiencing severe health complications. The rapper was admitted due to coughing up substantial amounts of blood, prompting an urgent medical response.

Medical assessments, including a CAT Scan, revealed a leaking artery in one of his lungs. This led to emergency surgery and subsequent sedation.

As of the latest reports, Krayzie Bone requires assisted breathing due to the severity of his condition. While some reports speculate that Krayzie had quit smoking several months ago, this information has yet to be confirmed by our sources.

The artist, born Anthony Henderson, recently made appearances in Cleveland, where East 99th Street was dedicated as 'Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Way' at St. Clair Ave. He also performed at the University Heights Juneteenth celebration earlier this year, further showcasing his dedication to his roots.

Krayzie Bone has been known to suffer from Sarcoidosis, a condition that affects multiple organs, particularly the lungs. Sarcoidosis is characterized by the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells, also known as granulomas. These granulomas can interfere with organ functions and, in severe cases, lead to complications like the one Krayzie is currently battling.

In response to concerns regarding Krayzie Bone's health, his sister took to the internet to shed light on the situation. Confirming that Krayzie Bone has been battling Sarcoidosis for several years, she addressed the speculation around COVID-19 vaccines, stating firmly that he had not received any vaccinations. Meanwhile, messages of support and love have flooded social media platforms, underscoring the rapper's influential status in the music world.

Twitter user @TheGodofwine77 drew a poignant parallel to beloved actor and comedian Bernie Mac, another individual who suffered from Sarcoidosis and unfortunately died at the age of 50, emphasizing the need for hope and prayers for Krayzie Bone's recovery.

Global basketball legend and Clevelander LeBron James also extended his prayers to Krayzie Bone, highlighting the widespread concern and compassion for the beloved rapper during this challenging time.

The outpouring of support from both fans and fellow celebrities exemplifies the profound impact Krayzie Bone has had on the global music community.

Sarcoidosis often affects more than one organ, necessitating patients to seek care from a variety of specialists. Dr. Christine Jellis, Dr. Manuel Ribeiro Neto, and Dr. Ziad Taimeh of the Cleveland Clinic have discussed a multidisciplinary team approach to caring for patients with cardiac sarcoidosis in a two-part series online, providing valuable insights into comprehensive patient care (you can find the series here).

As the world watches and prays for Krayzie Bone, his family, and all those affected by Sarcoidosis, let us join in a powerful collective prayer for healing, strength, and resilience during this challenging period.



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