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International Yoga Day in Cleveland's Little Italy; The Yoga Room

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

CLEVELAND- In celebration of International Yoga Day, Gremi had the incredible opportunity to spend the day with the remarkable Marni Task at her thriving business, The Yoga Room. Nestled in the heart of Cleveland's Little Italy, The Yoga Room offers a haven of tranquility and self-discovery, where yoga, meditation, dance, movement, Reiki, and artistic expressions come together in perfect harmony.

As Gremi delved into the world of yoga, Marni shared her passion for creating a deeper sense of happiness and peace through her Indu Aromatherapy Lotion. Inspired by her Jivamukti Yoga Teacher training, Marni embarked on a journey of exploring essential oils. Recalling the soothing massages her own teachers had given her during savasana, she aimed to bring that same profound relaxation to her students.

With dedication and experimentation, Marni crafted the transcendent scent of Indu, blending essential oils to create a perfect synergy. The process itself became a meditative practice, as she mixed the lotion while chanting the mantra "Om namah shivaya" to a beautiful Krishna Das melody. The result was Indu Aromatherapy Lotion, a transformative elixir that evokes a sense of deep relaxation and calm.

Students at The Yoga Room couldn't get enough of Indu. After experiencing the gentle application of Indu on their necks, foreheads, or temples, they found themselves surrendering to a state of complete release and rejuvenation. Marni's students affectionately described it as "chillaxing," a unique blend of chilling out and relaxing.

Moved by her students' enthusiasm and longing to experience Indu beyond the yoga studio, Marni started making larger batches of the lotion to meet the growing demand.

Today, Indu has expanded into a comprehensive line of products, from body sprays, to lotions, to even essential oil perfumes.

National Yoga Day at The Yoga Room was a celebration of movement, mindfulness, and self-discovery. Gremi, captivated by the vibrant energy and sense of community, experienced an array of classes, events, and workshops offered by Cleveland's finest yoga instructors, many of whom received their training under Marni's guidance.

What made Gremi's day even more special was Marni's thoughtful gesture of preparing some sweet treats specifically for him. Knowing Gremi's love for chopped liver and his affinity for sweets, Marni cooked up some delightful surprises that he relished while enjoying the company and ambiance of The Yoga Room.

The Yoga Room is not just a place for yoga; it's a sanctuary where movement, art, music, sound baths, and Reiki intertwine to create a holistic experience of well-being. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a curious beginner, The Yoga Room welcomes you with open arms to explore the transformative power of yoga and self-expression.

Join Gremi and the vibrant community at The Yoga Room as they continue to inspire, nurture, and uplift individuals through the practice of yoga, meditation, dance, and so much more. Discover your own path to inner peace and wellness within the nurturing embrace of The Yoga Room.




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