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Valentine's Day Magic Takes On New Meaning with The Alans at 'The 9'

Updated: Feb 28

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Tucked within the historic walls of The Metropolitan at The 9, lies a hidden treasure of Cleveland's entertainment scene – the Alex Theater. Here, in this lesser-known gem, The Alans, a charismatic husband and wife duo, have been captivating audiences with their unique blend of magic and mentalism. Their monthly show, "In Cahoots…an Evening of Magic and Mentalism," though a staple at The 9 for the past five years, remains a delightful surprise to many.

Jason Alan, a lifelong magician, and Stacy Alan, with her rich background in clinical counseling, create an extraordinary synergy on stage. Stacy's transition from a full-time therapist in Summit County to a mentalist is a journey of passion and serendipity. Her initial fascination watching Jason perform evolved into a full-fledged career in magic and mentalism over the last decade. Together, they have crafted performances that are not just shows, but journeys into the mystical and the mind.

Their talent and chemistry haven't gone unnoticed. The Alans have graced the stage of the CW's "Penn & Teller: Fool Us," showcasing their skills to a national audience. Yet, back home at the Alex Theater, they continue to be one of Cleveland's best-kept secrets.

This hidden world of wonder was recently illuminated by Gremi, the host of Cleveland 13's 'Cleve-It To Us.' In an engaging segment, Gremi explored the magic of The Alans, taking viewers behind the scenes at the Alex Theater. His experience, filled with awe and head-scratching amazement, is a testament to the duo's mesmerizing performances. The segment not only showcased The Alans’ extraordinary talents but also highlighted the charm and uniqueness of the Alex Theater, inviting Clevelanders to discover what lies within.

For those inspired by Gremi’s experience and eager to witness the magic themselves, tickets for "In Cahoots…an Evening of Magic and Mentalism" can be booked at It's an opportunity to step into a world where magic and mentalism intertwine, creating an unforgettable evening.

The story of The Alans and the Alex Theater is a reminder of the hidden gems that exist in our cities, waiting to be uncovered and celebrated. It's a tale of discovery, not just of places but of extraordinary talents like The Alans, who bring magic to life right in the heart of Cleveland.


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