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Where Fashion Meets History: Darlafoxx Takes Root in Cleveland's Terminal Tower

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

CLEVELAND - Cleveland's iconic Terminal Tower has long stood as a beacon of the city's history and charm. And now, within its storied walls, resides a new gem that effortlessly captures the essence of both past and present - Darlafoxx. This isn't just a dress shop; it's a tribute to elegance and an invitation to relive the splendor of Cleveland through fashion.

During a recent visit, Gremi and the "Cleve-It To Us" team were introduced to Darlafoxx, a boutique that occupies the former Brooks Brothers space at Terminal Tower. This strategic location ensures that Darla's exquisite collection doesn't just stay hidden within the confines of its four walls but is showcased to all who pass through the bustling heart of Cleveland.

As Gremi wandered through the enchanting corners of Darlafoxx, he couldn't help but be reminded of the bank that once inhabited this space. The echoes of Cleveland's history reverberate through the opulent surroundings, creating a perfect backdrop for Darla's captivating dresses.

In a stroke of both ingenuity and fun, Darla chose this moment to announce an exciting event - a FREE Homecoming Dress GIVEAWAY on August 20th. The premise is as thrilling as it is unique. Darla and Gremi will be live streaming, Darla on TikTok and Gremi on Facebook, from an undisclosed location in downtown Cleveland. The lucky first homecoming girl to spot this dynamic duo will be welcomed onto the live stream and bestowed with the honor of winning a stunning homecoming dress.

Gremi had the privilege of catching a glimpse of the dress, elegantly modeled by the seasoned Darlafoxx model, Shaunee Miller. Shaunee, an accomplished model with Ohio Fashion Week credentials, is no stranger to Darlafoxx's enchanting creations. In fact, she's set to be a star in the upcoming Runway Model Challenge on October 22, 2023. This event, where Gremi will be the emcee, promises to be a spectacular showcase of fashion prowess.

Beyond this exciting news, Darlafoxx holds treasures for every occasion. Whether you're looking for a gown to dazzle at an event, a bridal ensemble, or simply a dress to make a statement, Darla has something to offer. With a captivating TikTok channel featuring viral videos of her shop, Darla invites you to immerse yourself in her world of style and elegance.

To fully embrace the Darlafoxx experience, watch the featured "Cleve-It To Us" segment, follow Darlafoxx on Facebook and TikTok, and explore her offerings on her website, Most importantly, mark your calendars for August 20th at 10 am. Tune in to TikTok for Darla's livestream adventure and keep an eye on Cleve-It To Us's Facebook for Gremi's stream.

Be ready to join the hunt for Gremi and Darla in downtown Cleveland - because the first homecoming girl to find them will be the proud owner of a stunning dress, embodying the spirit of elegance that Darlafoxx embodies.

As the city pulsates with life, Darlafoxx shines as a testament to timeless style and a celebration of Cleveland's heritage. Join us in embracing this fashion journey, where the past and present converge in a tapestry of elegance.



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