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Chaos at Cedar Point: Escaped Animals and Mayfly Swarm Go Viral on TikTok

Guest Contributor - Thomas McKissock

SANDUSKY, Ohio — TikTok personality and former Disney Imagineer Tommy Italiano, known online as @tommyitaliano_, recently visited Cedar Point to experience the highly anticipated Top Thrill 2 roller coaster. However, his visit took an unexpected turn when he found the ride closed for mechanical modifications and was instead met by a swarm of Mayflies and loose animals, sharing some of the videos of the bizarre scenes with his followers.

According to other park guests, the mayflies were everywhere, it looked like something out of biblical times. "But that's not even the real drama", Italiano said.

Cedar Point officials confirmed that the Top Thrill 2 coaster has been closed since June 7, 2024, due to vehicle modifications by the manufacturer, Zamperla. This left Italiano exploring other parts of the park, where he witnessed the chaotic animal escapades.

On June 11, videos surfaced of camels Sampson and Artie trotting through the park. “The camels decided to take an unplanned stroll just outside their home at The Barnyard, our ‘petting zoo’ area on the Frontier Trail, but were quickly returned,” Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark told one news outlet. Despite the commotion, no one was hurt.

The animal escapades didn't stop there. On June 15, dozens of goats were also seen wandering the park. Alyssa Werner, another park visitor, captured the goats strolling the Frontier Trail, passing by amused guests who tried to pet them and took videos of the unusual sight. Cedar Point's director of communications, Tony Clark, stated, "We have been in contact with Honey Hill Farm, the family-operated farm which operates and staffs The Barnyard, to discuss the incident and the actions that are being taken, including 24-hour surveillance of the area, to ensure the security and well-being of the animals."

Italiano spoke with Landon, a Cedar Point employee who managed to corral the camels back into their pen using food. "I got a call about the camels being out, and I'm just a cleaner so, I don't really work in the barnyard..but I got a call about it and got some food and [got them back in their pen]" Landon said.

Rumors and speculation at the park suggest intentional interference, with some guests believing someone is deliberately releasing the animals. The situation may have garnered attention from PETA, which has reportedly urged Cedar Point to remove the camels from the park.

Tommy Italiano's visit to Cedar Point may not have included a ride on Top Thrill 2, but it certainly provided a memorable and viral experience.

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