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Maltz Performing Arts Center To Host 'The Movement Revisited' Celebrating Civil Rights Icons

CLEVELAND, OH - Cleveland's Maltz Performing Arts Center is set to host a stirring tribute to the Civil Rights Movement. On February 10th, eight-time Grammy-winning bassist, bandleader, and NPR's "Jazz Night in America" host Christian McBride will present his acclaimed opus, 'The Movement Revisited.' This epic concert event honors five icons who shaped America's social and political landscape: Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., and former President Barack Obama.

'McBride's The Movement Revisited' is more than a concert; it's a dynamic and immersive experience. Alongside McBride's big band, the performance features a cast of narrators and a gospel choir, creating a multidimensional tribute to these historical figures. Joining this ensemble are pianist Geoffrey Keezer, drummer Terreon Gully, saxophonist Ron Blake, and vocalist Alicia Olatuja, each bringing their unique talents to this momentous occasion.

Adding to the significance of the event, Cleveland's own Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., Mayor Justin Bibb, and renowned journalist Leon Bibb will participate, lending their voices to narrate and celebrate the stories of these champions of civil rights. This collaboration underscores the event's community spirit, bridging gaps between different generations and backgrounds through the universal language of music.

The Movement Revisited is not only an artistic achievement but also an educational experience, offering a unique perspective on the history and legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. The concert is expected to draw diverse crowds, from young students to seasoned activists, all eager to witness this blend of jazz, gospel, and spoken word.

The event, which will take place from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, is not just a night of entertainment but a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for equality and justice. It highlights how far society has come and how much work remains. As McBride's bass resonates through the Maltz Performing Arts Center, it will be more than music; it will be a call to remember, reflect, and continue the fight for a better world.

The Movement Revisited represents a nexus of culture, history, and social consciousness, making it a must-see event in Cleveland's vibrant arts scene. For those who cannot attend in person, the hope is that the spirit and message of the concert will resonate beyond the walls of the Maltz Performing Arts Center and inspire ongoing dialogue and action in communities everywhere.


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