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Surprise Rock Concert Draws Hundreds To Cleveland AdultMart Parking Lot

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

notice: this article may contain adult language in the form of band names

CLEVELAND, OHIO - In an unexpected and thrilling evening, a pop-up concert at the Adultmart on 3101 Berea Road in Cleveland took the local music scene by storm on Sunday. The event was organized and promoted online through a somewhat unconventional platform – the @cumjarofficial band Instagram page.

photo of crowd gathering at Adultmart in Cleveland for rock concert
photo source: @cumjarofficial - instagram

Promising a night of rock and roll, the Instagram post that sparked the frenzy invited a select group of followers with the words, "Looking for a good time? These HOT local bands are here to rock...Live at AdultMart 11/5/23 at 8 pm. Free - Afterparty at Slime House!" The post also tagged and mentioned bands Drug Abuse (@drugabusehc) and ABRADED (@abraded_official), using the caption, "Get silly or die!!" to whip up excitement.

Another Instagram page, Ed's Gains, joined the fray by posting the same flyer, accompanied by the caption, "Cleveland shows its dedication to sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll this Sunday at 8!" This intriguing combination of bands and venues managed to pull in a diverse crowd that was hungry for a night of hardcore entertainment.

The Instagram pages promoting the event might have raised a few eyebrows, given their explicit adult content, but they certainly did their job in attracting attendees. Videos of the concert quickly made their way to social media, featuring hundreds of Clevelanders reveling in the music, engaging in mosh pit-style mayhem, and, at times, even defying gravity with daring stunts.

Some brave attendees climbed on top of the building behind the band and watched, while others, such as @edgy_white_dude_wyatt and @crinklesnart69, leaped into the crowd in a spirited bout of crowd surfing. What appeared to be hand-to-hand fighting was, in fact, all part of the 'moshing' experience, a high-energy dance form that is characteristic of aggressive music styles like punk rock and heavy metal.

Amidst the lively atmosphere and energetic chaos, the event managed to conclude without any reported injuries or significant disruptions. Up to this point, attempts to contact anyone from Adultmart for an official statement have been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, a representative from Abraded informed a Cleveland 13 News correspondent that Adult Mart had been made aware of the intention to do an event of this nature. AdultMart's response seemed to suggest that they neither endorsed nor disapproved of that sort of gathering, asserting that they bore no responsibility for events transpiring in their parking lot after regular hours.

UPDATE 11/7/23 @ 12:11pm EST: A manager from Adultmart, when talking to a Cleveland 13 News representative, stated they couldn't comment on the event as it occurred without their prior knowledge and after business hours. However, when asked about post-event cleanup, the manager mentioned that there wasn't much to address, indicating that the event's organizers and attendees left the venue in good condition. The manager also noted that the CEO of Adultmart might provide further comments and shared our contact information for potential communication.

This pop-up concert is not the first of its kind in the Cleveland area. A similar event took place in a parking lot adjacent to the Taco Bell on West 117th Street on September 10th. While it's not confirmed, it seems to have drawn inspiration from the infamous "Denny's Grand Slam" events. These gatherings, with their unconventional locations and hardcore music, have become a part of underground culture, attracting fans of all ages and backgrounds.

One attendee, Dave Bauman (@icantfigureoutagoodusernamewtf), shared his perspective on the event. He noted the uniqueness of the location, the lineup featuring Cum Jar, Drug Abuse, Abraded, and Ed's Gains, and the added fun element of Nintendo 69 providing a game of Mario Kart on a TV in the back of a pickup truck. The mild weather that evening, with temperatures in the high 40s to lower 50s, made the outdoor event more enjoyable.

Dave, like many others, attended the show for the love of the hardcore music scene in Cleveland and Ohio. He highlighted the sense of community and connection that such events foster, even if they come with unconventional twists.

Despite hesitating to attend initially due to the late Sunday night timing, Dave found himself drawn to the event after listening to Abraded's music and decided to seize the opportunity for a unique experience.

Reflecting on the night, Dave shared that he enjoyed the new music he discovered, made lasting memories, and engaged with fellow hardcore fans. For him, it was another memorable night in the vibrant Cleveland hardcore scene.

While some might view these events as mere gimmicks, they are undeniably contributing to the growth of the hardcore music community. People coming together, making connections, and helping each other pursue their passions are the real highlights of such gatherings.

As the videos continue to circulate on social media, one thing is clear – these pop-up concerts are here to stay, pushing the boundaries of traditional music events and creating unforgettable experiences for hardcore music enthusiasts.



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