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Google to Mass Delete Unused Gmail Accounts and Files in One Day

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

WCTU - In a move aimed at bolstering security, Google has announced that it will begin mass deleting unused Gmail accounts and the photos and documents attached to them in less than one day. The company cites the potential security risks posed by unattended accounts, which often rely on old or reused passwords that can be easily compromised. Starting on December 1st, Google will gradually phase in the deletions, beginning with accounts that were created but never used again.

google deleting accounts - WCTU Cleveland 13 News article

It's important to note that this initiative only applies to personal Google accounts and will not impact organization, school, or business accounts. If you haven't used any of your Google accounts, including Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Docs, in more than two years, it's crucial to take action to ensure your account and its contents are not deleted.

So, what can you do to safeguard your Google account? The solution is simple: sign into the account, read or send an email, use Google Drive, watch a YouTube video, download an app from the Google Play Store, or perform a Google Search using that account. By taking any of these actions, you can prevent your account from being deleted.

Google has been proactive in notifying users whose accounts are at risk of deletion. If your account is on Google's deletion list, you should have already received or will soon receive multiple notifications to the email address associated with that account, as well as the recovery email.

To learn more about this announcement and the steps to take to prevent your account from being deleted, you can visit the official Google support page here.

As the December 1st deadline approaches, it's crucial for users to take action promptly to ensure the safety of their accounts and the preservation of their important files and information.


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