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A Halloween Curiosity; Why Some Of Us Embrace Fear

CLEVELAND — Many of us find delight in the spine-tingling sensations of scary movies, ghost tours, and haunted houses. But what's behind our love for fear?

According to Dr. Susan Albers, from the Cleveland Clinic, the thrill of fear is a brain game. When anticipating danger, our brains become alert, releasing dopamine for a rewarding experience. It's a thrilling sensation many crave.

While spooky adventures offer a chance to step out of our comfort zones in a controlled environment, Dr. Albers emphasizes the importance of knowing our limits. For some, pushing those limits can have negative consequences on mental health.

Parents, take note: children may struggle to differentiate between real and imaginary fears. Choose age-appropriate spooky experiences for them.

So, as we embrace the chills of Halloween, remember that the enjoyment of fear varies from person to person. Know your limits, savor the thrills, and have a spooktacular Halloween!



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