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Cleveland International Film Festival in Full Swing; Physically and Digitally

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) is a cultural celebration that brings together filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and industry professionals from around the world.

Gremi's visit to CIFF was a spotlight on the festival's success and the incredible films and filmmakers showcased during the event. During his visit, Gremi met with Patrick Shepherd, the Associate Director of CIFF, to discuss the festival's history, growth, and future. Shepherd shared with Gremi the challenges of organizing a festival during a pandemic, and the modern changes that allowed its continued growth throughout; really demonstrating the resilience and determination of the CIFF team to make it happen.

Gremi also had the opportunity to speak with Asako Gladsjo, the director, and Christalyn Hampton, the producer, of the film Rise and Rebuild: A Tale of Three Cities, which premiered at CIFF. The documentary follows the stories of three cities, including Cleveland, as they recover from natural disasters and rebuild their communities. Gladsjo and Hampton shared with Gremi the inspiration behind the film and the challenges they faced in telling these powerful stories.

In addition to meeting with filmmakers, Gremi also bumped into several creators from the Instagram and TikTok channel @ImFromCleveland. They talked about their mutual love for Cleveland and the importance of promoting local talent.

CIFF is a must-see event for film enthusiasts and anyone interested in exploring different cultures and perspectives through cinema. This year, the festival presented over 200 films from 60+ countries, with a diverse range of genres and themes. The festival also offered a hybrid experience, with in-person screenings at the Cedar Lee Theatre and streaming options through CIFF Streams.

CleveItToUs encourages everyone to visit to check out the amazing films presented at CIFF and support the festival's mission of promoting cultural exchange through film. Gremi's visit to CIFF was a testament to the festival's impact and success in the local and international film community.


Special thanks to those who met with CleveItToUs to make this happen; and all of those who are a part of the festival. Special thanks to Brandon Adams (Audio Visual Tech) for CleveItToUs



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