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National Ugly Sweater Day Done Right at Euclid City Hall

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

EUCLID - Today, Gremi made a stop at city of Euclid to celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day and joined in the celebration that included an amazing city worker appreciation holiday luncheon.

When Gremi arrived at city hall, he was greeted by the Mayor, who is a life-long Euclid resident and a passionate advocate for building the best and most diverse communities. The Mayor shared with Gremi some of the city's plans and initiatives, as well as its efforts to support local organizations, programs and small businesses.

Next, Gremi met with the Law Director, Kelley Sweeney, and although she couldn't fix any overdue parking tickets, Kelley and Gremi had a great time talking about some of the wonderful events she's helped to organize as the unofficial "party planner" for the city. Kelley is known for her creativity and attention to detail, and she shared with Gremi some of the exciting events that are coming up in Euclid.

In addition to meeting with the Mayor and Kelley Sweeney, Gremi also had the opportunity to meet with other dedicated staff members of the City. One of the highlights of his visit was awarding the episode's sponsorship giveaway to Benjamin Beam, the city's Zoning Commissioner. Benjamin's ugly sweater was truly a sight to behold, and it was clear that he was the deserved winner of the giveaway.

This episode of CleveItToUs was sponsored by All City Candy in Richmond Heights, and Benjamin, the lucky recipient of the giveaway, won a giftcard to the candy megastore to satisfy some very real holiday sweet-tooth cravings.

The city of Euclid and their staff are beyond exceptional and the city's commitment to promoting clean, safe and diverse communities is admirable at the very least. Gremi encourages everyone to visit Euclid to see some of the amazing shops and events that the city has to offer.

Click here to learn more about: The City of Euclid, All City Candy (Episode Sponsor)


Special Thanks to: Miley Lauren (audio visual tech), Tina Dick (Euclid HR Manager), Linda Beck (Euclid Mayor's Assistant), Kelley Sweeney (City of Euclid Law Director), Benjamin Beam (City of Euclid Zoning Commissioner and Laura Kidder (of the Shore Cultural Centre). Also, a special thanks to Elisabeth Sapell (All City Candy, Sponsor)

S1-E7 - Original Air Date: 12/16/2022


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